to their own clever emissaries.
This prisoner will make
the Cupbearer very glad.

Maybe when he sees him
and hears of my bravery,

Klara will finally be mine.
- Let's go, prisoner.
- Coming, sir.

Well, foreman darling, speak up.
Everything must be documented.

In such hard times such beating
is a gift from God.

We'll profit
from every punch.

- All know you got mugged.
- Not that bad.

- You've been beaten.
- Not really.

What? They were
obviously beating you.

- Just some elbows...
- Nothing to complain about.

- An elbowing doesn't tickle.
- Well, true.

- It wasn't a caress.
- Well, true.

- So it's a beating, then.
- Certainly.

If somebody takes a stick
to your back, you're being beaten.

And if you're being beaten,
you'll end up beaten up.

You're right.
Being beaten is beaten up.

So you were beaten,
that is obvious.

It seems so.
- Injured?
- Not at all!

- Not at all, my friend?
- Oh, no.

Not a scratch? A bruise?
- We might have one or two.
- And a scratch, obviously,

is a small wound.
Well, yes.
Small or large,
a wound is a wound.

And where do wounds come from?
From an injury.

So if somebody has a wound,
his body is injured.

A scratch is an obvious wound.
So you are wounded,
deprived of bread and work.

Oh, come on!
Deprived, my darling.
You won't get any work from me.