I humbly request...
- What about our money?
- Cupbearer will pay for everything.

That's not right.
- You won't lose out.
- But we worked here...

Go with God,
or I'll throw you out!

- But our pay...
- Anyone would say!

Out, or I'll smash you!
God be with you,
my good men.

I will get rid of the Cupbearer
even if I have to

pawn my clothes.
He'll try to sue me...
but my plan
to steal the Widow Hanna
for my son will hurt him more

than any court sentence.
I'm exhausted,
I can hardly walk.

What a workout!
I fought like the devil!

I'm barely alive!
Order some wine,
good wine.

My mouth is dry
and I'm all sweaty.

- Who could ever appreciate that?
- I saw what you did.

You did?
- Wasn't I amazing?
- Amazing at hiding.

A good warrior
can fight anywhere.

What nerve!
It took a lot of nerve
to fight so fiercely.

You're lying,
dear, dear sir.

You've got to hear this.
Trying to take the scaffold,

I leapt so nimbly
I landed on the other side.

Surrounded by
thousands of masons,

servants, soldiers.
I grabbed two of them by the hair,
spun them around in the air

and mowed down dozens
with each sweep

until there was
a hill of corpses around me.

When it reached the top of the wall,
I marched back to our side.