but the Cupbearer
might do the same anyway.

So I know and I know nothing -
a true Devil's bargain:

A bullet here,
and a saber there.

As a wise man once said:
"Happy who has".

You're right on time
my dear son.

Let's talk.
Your favors, though rare,
are a precious gift.

I have been pleading
with his Majesty
in your favor

to assure a bright future
for my child.
You are my only hope,
and my enemies are jealous of us.

They seek to divide us and
would take pleasure in my pain,

- as in your fall.
- I don't get it...

Don't you?
This girl, Klara.

She is precious
and I adore her.

But in secret.
I have kept it secret
'cause I wanted to make peace

- between neighbors.
- Me and the Cupbearer?

My God! Who could desire this
more than I, a righteous man?

- So let Klara and me...
- No, this can never be.

The Cupbearer looks for trouble,
I am a peaceful type.

Don't blame her
for her crazy uncle.

You need a different wife,
and you'll get one, darling!

A harsh judgment,
dear father.

I will not be swayed.
But my happiness
is your only goal.

As God is my witness.
- But I love her.
- You just think so.

- I won't survive.
- Don't threaten me.

- I swear.
- Be quiet!

May God's will be done.
But tell me darling,
if you are so constant,
what about your past adventures?