Nothing to say?
Hard to believe,
but the old man knows it all.

- I was young. Maybe...
- Well, the Widow,

once your true
and only love,

is staying with the Cupbearer.
- She's engaged to him.
- I'll believe it if she tells me.

Will she?
I have spoken to her
about this,

and, God willing, she will accept
the hand of my son.

But I will not accept hers.
God be thanked
for an obedient son.

I have prepared a marriage contract,
wherein I state

that the first party
to break the agreement,

pays the other
100,000 gold coins.

My happiness is priceless.
- She can make you happy.
- I'll die first.

In any event the Cupbearer
will kill us even before.

No, the Cupbearer
will hang first.

May God's will be done.
You must accept it.

- Father!
- Son!

- Don't plunge a knife into my heart.
- Every cloud has a silver lining.

- Change your decree!
- Impossible.

- Have pity!
- Oh, you have it.

Look, I am crying.
- Can I have hope then?
- No, no, dear, impossible.

- This grief will drive me insane.
- Look I am crying.

Say no more! Virtue
is the strongest foundation.

Virtue is a seed
which sows...

But you are
too young to know.

Because of my actions,
and for a hole in the wall,

the Notary wants to sue me.
You will go,
my dear, dear sir,

and summon him
to the three hills in Blackwood.