In any event the Cupbearer
will kill us even before.

No, the Cupbearer
will hang first.

May God's will be done.
You must accept it.

- Father!
- Son!

- Don't plunge a knife into my heart.
- Every cloud has a silver lining.

- Change your decree!
- Impossible.

- Have pity!
- Oh, you have it.

Look, I am crying.
- Can I have hope then?
- No, no, dear, impossible.

- This grief will drive me insane.
- Look I am crying.

Say no more! Virtue
is the strongest foundation.

Virtue is a seed
which sows...

But you are
too young to know.

Because of my actions,
and for a hole in the wall,

the Notary wants to sue me.
You will go,
my dear, dear sir,

and summon him
to the three hills in Blackwood.

He'll run
if I cut him.

- Better write him.
- God forbid!

I have not the skill
for all those explanations.
I must admit that lately
I haven't been myself.

I can see that.
- So...
- Don't try to get out of this.

Have mercy, please.
Don't send me there.

I'll be dead before you
slice off his ear.

Didn't you say the Notary
might go as far as

to poison me?
- Why on earth...
- It's not so farfetched...

Stick with me and nothing
will happen.

- The devil never sleeps!
- Nonsense!

And if he...?
Let him try.
I would tear him apart!

So what?
I'll be dead!

Listen, Papkin...
Do it, and your pockets
will never be empty again.