Alien Hunter

But I better not.
See you in a bit.
Be careful with that thing.
Now hold it still.
- Is this gonna work?
- It should.

All right, let it drop.
Turn it off!
Something's generating current inside of it,
but it should be safe to work on.

Would you like something to drink?
Some water, coffee?
- Brandy.
- Brandy, please.

The weather systems have prevented us
from making contact.

Our satellite systems will alert us
at the first opportunity.

What if this is really true?
What if we're already too late?
We've considered that.
Measures are being initiated as we speak.

The message from the Americans is
properly formulated, sir.

All ahead two thirds. Set depth for
six hundred feet.

All ahead two thirds. Depth set for
six hundred feet.

Commence heading two five zero.
Sir. Commencing heading two five zero.