Alien Hunter

- Brandy.
- Brandy, please.

The weather systems have prevented us
from making contact.

Our satellite systems will alert us
at the first opportunity.

What if this is really true?
What if we're already too late?
We've considered that.
Measures are being initiated as we speak.

The message from the Americans is
properly formulated, sir.

All ahead two thirds. Set depth for
six hundred feet.

All ahead two thirds. Depth set for
six hundred feet.

Commence heading two five zero.
Sir. Commencing heading two five zero.
- What do you think is inside it?
- Nothing, I hope.

The blade's cutting through a layer
much softer than the outside surface.

- What if he's right?
- Snap out of it, Kate.

You don't believe it any more than I do.
The only reason you're going along
with this insanity is because of him.

That's not true.
It's not rock. It looks like a carbon alloy.
What caused the surface corrosion?
Water exposure?

It appears more like a molten degeneration...
from exposure to extreme heat.
For God's sake, Alexie,
you don't know what the hell that thing is.

I'll tell you what.
I'm going down to the corn lab to work.

They don't give Nobel prizes for space junk.