Assassination Tango

-I like it.
-You like it?

The other leg.
Thank you.
(The hook)

-What's her name?

Bravo, Pirucha.
The first time I came here...
just this animal,
by doing nothing...

just got my attention,
you know?

-By doing nothing?
-By doing nothing.

For me, the panther
is the symbol of elegance.

You know, it really works.
So many people
show off and everything.

-Like that tango in Europe.

You know, like ballroom dance.

That's what I mean.
The same thing, yeah.

You see how they dance?
Hold this.

They do like this.
They dance like this, and
they look like they smell bad.

-You know this game?
-What game?

Stone, paper, and scissors?
I invented it.
No. You ready?
What are you going to do?

OK. I'm for coffee,
you're for ice cream.

-I'm for ice cream?

-OK. One, two, three.
-One, two, three.

OK, best--no. Two out of three.
-One, two, three.
-One, two, three.

OK. I won, kind of.
We go for coffee.

I won, but it's kind of a tie.
-We go for coffee.

You're kind of a cheater.
I'm not a cheat--what?
Don't say that.

You were like, I don't know...
I know. Don't say that.
I never cheated on anything
in my life.

No? You never lie?
-No, I never lie.
-You never lie?

Never in my life.
I've found that tango people
are very negative.