Bringing Down the House

And that she brings new meaning
to the term "conservative."

It's not going to be easy.
She's paranoid
and suspicious. Peter --

I'm her guy.
I'm single.
I'll give her nights, weekends.

Aren't you getting married
on Sunday, Todd?

That's flexible.
And, Peter, I wouldn't
want this to interfere

with your family's
Hawaiian vacation.

You go on.
I got it all taken care of.
Well, that's very admirable
of you, Todd.

I mean, your youth
definitely makes you an ass...

:04:34 to the company,
especially at the annual
softball game.

But to an archconservative,
74-year-old woman?

What will we do is not charge
Mrs. Arness one single red cent

for her estate planning.
Because we don't care
about that measly fee.

We use it as a loss leader
to get her corporate business,

the multibillion-dollar
Arness coffee conglomerate.

[ Clears throat ]
How may I help you, Howie?
Just thought I'd congratulate
you on turning it around.

Turning what around?
You snaked Gendler.
Gendler doesn't bother me.

[ Keys clacking ]
Oh, that's right.
He doesn't bother you.

What the heck was I thinking?
Listen, I thought
maybe after work

you and me go tie one on,
maybe check out
some of the local talent.

Can't. I'm meeting
Mrs. Arness at 6:00.

And by the way,
it's "You and I go tie one on,"

not "You and me go."
Somebody messaging you here.
Who's Lawyer-girl?
Whoa. Did someone make
a blind lnternet date?

No. I mean, you know,
well, technically, but no.

I met her
in a legal chat room.

She's, uh, very classy
and smart.

When do you nail her?