Capturing the Friedmans

Hi. It's me.
Oh, we're not ready yet?
It's me, Jesse.
Are we there?
Good. We're there.
Well, this afternoon,
after a very lousy sketch
about yo-yoing,

I figure we'll, for lack of
anything better to do,

we'll take it towards a more
serious side right about now.

And we're going to conduct
an interview with

Arnold Friedman, my father.
I still feel like I knew
my father very well.

I don't think that just because
there were things in his life

that were private and
secret and shameful

that that means that
the father who I knew

and the things I knew about him
were in any way not real.

They're gonna put me
in the movies

They're gonna make
a big star out of me

We'll make a film about a man
that's sad and lonely

And all I got to do
is act naturally

Well, I'll bet you I'm
a- gonna be a big star

Might win an Oscar,
you can't never tell

The movies gonna
make me a big star

'Cause I can play
the part so well

Well, I hope you come
to see me in the movies

Then I know that you
will plainly see