Capturing the Friedmans

They're gonna put me
in the movies

They're gonna make
a big star out of me

We'll make a film about a man
that's sad and lonely

And all I got to do
is act naturally

Well, I'll bet you I'm
a- gonna be a big star

Might win an Oscar,
you can't never tell

The movies gonna
make me a big star

'Cause I can play
the part so well

Well, I hope you come
to see me in the movies

Then I know that you
will plainly see

The biggest fool that's
ever hit the big time

And all I got to do
is act naturally

Arnold liked pictures.
I mean, that's, let's face it.
He liked pictures.
Well, we're here.
This is it, the whole
family assembled.

Everybody in
Great Neck, New York.

We had three sons.
David, being the oldest
had a lot of responsibility
when he was young.

Seth was an outright rebel.
And somehow, Jesse
was just like the

the one that keeps
trying to catch up

and doesn't quite make it.