Donggabnaegi gwawoehagi

He's pretty good.
Aye, sir!
So nice!
The sea of our country is
always blue.

Our late General KIM loved this.
It's made of blueberries
from Mt. Baekdu.

Hail the Republic!
All hail!
- Drink with me.
- Thank you, sir.

Seaman LIM Dong-hae.
Sing a revolutionary song for us.
Gulp it down, Captain.
Here we come
We're the invincible army
of the Great Leader

You should dance to it.
Up high our arms
Down hard our footsteps

We're solders of the Great General
He's a good singer.
He wants to be a singer
after getting discharged.

Drink more, sir.
What a couple of weaklings!
Can't even handle liquor?
So much for unifying the nation!