Donggabnaegi gwawoehagi

You don't wanna make us upset.
Let go of my arm.
- You fucking bitch!
- Asshole!

You fucking bullies!
What are you doing there?
Help us, please!
What's wrong?
They're trying to kill us!
- What the...
- Don't get involved.

What are you talking about?
Girls like my sister are in trouble.

I can't turn a blind eye.
Hey, you sons of...
Leave them alone!
You call yourselves men,
bullying weak girls?

What a funny accent,
you stinking Chinese-Korean!

I'm having such a bad day.
Unless you wanna die,
stay the fuck out of this.

You couple of rude punks.
I'll teach you a lesson.
He's a fucking joke.
Wait, my heart...
Stop faking it, wuss.
Knock it off.
- You're dead.
- Who's this fuck?

What if I say no,

Keep your eyes down.
Let go!
Be thankful you didn't have
your ribs relocated.

Let's go.
We'll be back.
Erase the painting on your arm!
Are you okay?
It hurts like hell. Beat it, jerks!