Donggabnaegi gwawoehagi

I'm having such a bad day.
Unless you wanna die,
stay the fuck out of this.

You couple of rude punks.
I'll teach you a lesson.
He's a fucking joke.
Wait, my heart...
Stop faking it, wuss.
Knock it off.
- You're dead.
- Who's this fuck?

What if I say no,

Keep your eyes down.
Let go!
Be thankful you didn't have
your ribs relocated.

Let's go.
We'll be back.
Erase the painting on your arm!
Are you okay?
It hurts like hell. Beat it, jerks!
Reunion of separated families
between North and South

The current is northward today.
The weather's on our side.
Let's wait till it gets dark.

And we'll take a boat back.
What boat?
We'll go find one now.
Wait, Captain.
I've been thinking about it
about this article.

We're no different
from these separated families.

And we didn't do anything wrong.
Why don't we just ask them
to send us back?

It's 58 bucks.
Let's buy some beer, too.