Down with Love

No, Zip. Thank you.
Oh, Zip!
Everything looks divine.
I have a funny feeling
that you've done...

quite a bit of entertaining
for two here.

Oh, I can honestly say
that until you...

I haven't done any entertaining
for two here at all.

You're certainly not
the average astronaut.

Oh, I get so tired
of all that freeze-dried food.

After a steady diet of pellet steak...
and potato tablets...
you yearn for something hot
to sink your teeth into.

Well, you've whetted my appetite.
It's not just your cooking.
You are so well-rounded.
Your collection of art
and antiques.

You've made a real home here.
Well, Earth still is
my favorite planet.

No, I meant here, in New York.
Most bachelors in this city are
only interested in an apartment...

that comes fully loaded
with every gadget and contraption...

man has invented
to snare a woman.

I don't understand this, Peter.
How does a person lose their built-in bar?

[ Chuckles ]
I swear, it was here a minute ago.

- [ Mechanical Whirring ]
- Ohh!

[ Gasps ]