So, you're
finally settling down.

You've saved up
a little nest egg

and are ready to dive into
the real estate market.

Let's do a little
shopping around.

The American dream home.
Two bedrooms, two bathrooms,
one doghouse, one garage,
two garbage cans.

lt's cozy, safe,
and just barely within
your overstretched budget.

Not for you?
For the same price,
you can buy 200, 000 acres

of prime Sahara wasteland.
Put up a cottage.
Nothing but you and the sky.

lt's like a beach
without the ocean.

And talk about quiet neighbors.
Too remote?
Oh, l understand.

You need the thrill
and excitement of the big city.

With that same nest egg,
you can get a slice
of prime real estate.

Not this real estate.
Cozy and affordable,
this lovely fixer-upper
is the perfect place

for a dynamic couple like you.
No need to putter around
the house.

lt's all right there
where you stand.

What's the matter?
Feeling a little cramped?

Well, just a stone's
throw away,

just one bridge
or a tunnel ride,

just outside the big,
bustling city,

there is a place
with wide-open spaces,

friendly natives,
and spacious dwellings.

And it's all within
your price range.

lt's almost
too good to be true.

When l told you
l had a particular building
in mind for you ,

this is the one
l was talking about.

lt's a historical home
on one of the best blocks