you can get a slice
of prime real estate.

Not this real estate.
Cozy and affordable,
this lovely fixer-upper
is the perfect place

for a dynamic couple like you.
No need to putter around
the house.

lt's all right there
where you stand.

What's the matter?
Feeling a little cramped?

Well, just a stone's
throw away,

just one bridge
or a tunnel ride,

just outside the big,
bustling city,

there is a place
with wide-open spaces,

friendly natives,
and spacious dwellings.

And it's all within
your price range.

lt's almost
too good to be true.

When l told you
l had a particular building
in mind for you ,

this is the one
l was talking about.

lt's a historical home
on one of the best blocks

in all of Brooklyn .
-Remember what we talked about.
-l know. Poker face.

Built-ins, built-ins.
Oh , the kitchen's
a little small .

Well , rip out this
awful room divider,

and you've got
an eat-in kitchen .

And over here
you have your library.

For your books.
Oh , you like books?
l have a little collection
of first-edition novels.

Alex is a writer.
The parlor.
Oh , my God .
So, this staircase.
This leads to where?

l thought you realized .
This is a duplex.

As in two floors
for the price of one?

l believe it's right there
in the listing sheet.

So, why was it sealed off?
Were there, like, a slew of
murders up there or something?