Easy Six

l'm telling you, the Catfish
are looking good, buddy.

That 's good.
Go, Catfish!
All right!
Let 's go!

Merry Christmas
to Bill and the two kids.

.Merry Christmas, Sam.

l admire your enthusiasm
for those two.

Brown nose, Pack.
Brown nose.

You kiss Janet 's butt,
and l guarantee you...

she'll let bygones be bygones.
Yes, but, telling a joke in class
is hardly a capital offense.

l'm not going to growl over
something l didn't think was wrong.

l fully agree with you.
lt 's just not fair.
You're sure you don't mind looking
for Sally while you're in Vegas?

No, of course not.
l try to reach her,
and she just doesn't call back.

lt 's a daddy's worry.
lt would be so, so nice
if l could see her for Christmas.

lt 's not a problem. l'm looking
forward to seeing Sally again.

Thank you.
You know, she loves you.
You're the only professor
who didn't fail her.

.Santa left you a gift.
.He did?

.Open it.

lt 's for Vegas.
.Good luck.
.l appreciate it, but...

it 's not a holiday, it 's a
conference, and l don't gamble.

Well, you should gamble, 'cause
now you're going to have good luck.

First, you score at the table,
and then you score some skirt.

''Her buttocks is strong,
breast is round and high...

she was hair.faired,
and l won't lie.''

l can't wait till you to come home
and tell me some whore stories!