Finding Nemo

DENTlST: All right.
Go ahead and rinse.

Oh, the human mouth
is a disgusting place.

-Hey, Nigel.
-What did l miss?

PEACH: Root canal--a doozy.
Root canal?
What did he use to open?

-Gator-Glidden drill.
-He's favoring that one.

Hope he doesn't get surplus
sealer at the portal terminus.

-Hello. Who's this?
-New guy. Ha ha ha!

The dentist
took him off the reef.

An outie. From my neck
of the woods, eh?

Sorry if l ever took
a snap at you.

Fish gotta swim,
birds gotta eat.

Hey! No, no, no, no!
They're not your fish.
They're my fish.

Come on, go.
Go on, shoo!

Aw, the picture broke.
This here's Darla.
She's my niece.

She's going to be
eight this week.

Hey, little fella.
Say hello
to your new mummy.

She'll be here Friday
to pick you up.

You're her present.
Shh, shh, shh.

lt's our little secret.
Well, Mr. Tucker,
while that sets up...

l'm going to see a man
about a wallaby.

Oh, Darla.
What's wrong with her?

GURGLE: She wouldn't stop
shaking the bag.

-Poor Chuckles.
-He was her present last year.

BLOAT: Hitched a ride
on the porcelain express.

[Toilet flushes]
[Toilet flushes]
PEACH: She's a fish killer.
l can't go with that girl.
l have to get back
to my dad.

Aah! Daddy! Help me!
Oh, he's stuck.
GlLL: Nobody touch him.
Nobody touch him.
[Nemo grunting]
Can you help me?
No. You got yourself
in there.

No. You got yourself
in there.

You can get yourself out.
-l want to see him do it.

Calm down. Alternate wiggling
your fins and your tail.

l can't. l have a bad fin.
Never stopped me.
[Dramatic music playing]
Just think about
what you need to do.