Friends and Family

It's your father's birthday

so since he hasn't seen you
in such a long time,

we decided the perfect gift
would be a trip to New York

to visit you and Danny.
Can you pick us up
at the airport?

The John F. Kennedy
airport at 2:30.

You know how nervous I am
about New York,

and to have to get
into a taxi-

I'm still here, Mom.
One more question.
Do you have any jobs

Catering jobs.
Uh, no.
Since it's
your father's birthday,

wouldn't it be nice
to give him a big dinner party?

You know,
invite all your friends.

That way, we can meet them
and the people
who work for you.

People who work for us?
The cooks and bakers.
You know, the whole company.
Plus your father and I
will get a chance

to sample your cooking.
We're going to be so proud.
I don't think
this is such a great idea,

a whole big dinner like that.
Don't be silly;
it'll be just the thing.

Your father's very excited
about it.

Aren't you, dear?
He's very excited.
I still do not understand.
What is the problem?
Bruno, my parents don't know
about us.
What, that you two
are a couple?

They think you share
the same apartment

and you don't sleep

Oh, Stephen.
Your mother's
a grown woman.

Don't be ridiculous;
they know that.

They don't know
what we do.

Oh, they think we run
a catering business.

A catering business,
how can that be?

You can't even cook.
I keep hearing that.
If you hadn't agreed
to the birthday party,

you'd have nothing
to worry about.

Do you have any idea
how many weapons we have
in our house?

Don't take them in the rooms
where you keep the stuff.

It's all the rooms.
Can't you put it all
in one place for a few days?

That's what
the Branch Davidians did.

You think if they stayed
in a hotel-

They are not staying
in a hotel.

Would you just listen
to me?

You can hide
the weapons.

You do it every time
the police come by.

You can do it now.
So what about the dinner?
Do what Mickey and Judy
would have done.