Haute tension

If you think you're being funny
you've got another think coming!

Stop, you bitch, and come back!
I'm sick of your little game!
Enough is enough!

God damn you!
What if I had left you out here?

Yeah, very funny!
You scared the hell out of me!
Here we are.
Okay, now I know why you
passed your exams so easily.

If you spend all weekends up here,
there's not much else
to do except study!

Y'can't beat it for peace and quiet.
You can hear the train go by
but that's it.

Easy Hendrix, easy.
How are you?
Hello dad.

Don't worry. He doesn't bite.
You talking about me or the dog?
Marie, this is my father. Pop, Marie.
Nice to meet you.
So, I finally see you in person
and not just in a photo.

You know, the one I took in Spain.

Yes, it's on the fireplace.
You were living here.

And this is Tom. Hi cowboy.
Hey, are you happy
to see me, partner?
Of course, he's happy.

He has been waiting for you
all this evening.

And your mother's been worrying
all day.