[snake hissing]
Get that straight.
Get that straight.

Let me tell you, boy, we're
burnin' up back here, man.

This global warmin'.
Hole in the ozone is directly
above my head.

The hole's in your head.
Barf bag!
- Man, what you doin'?!
- Barf bag!

It ain't that bad!
Come on, man! Come on, man!

This ain't funny, dog.
Get back, barf bag, for real!

Come on!
What are you doin'?!

- Barf bag, deal with it, baby!
- Barf bag!

[Pants, groans]
Stanle y iv: All my life,
i seemed to be in the wrong
place at the wrong time.

My grandpa,
stanley yelnats ii,

says it's all because
of this 150-year-old curse.

Now, i don't really believe
in the family curse,

but when things go wrong,
it kind of helps if you can
blame it on something.

And for me,
things went wrong a lot.

Oh, jeez! Oh!
Grandpa says
our destiny is sealed.

[Siren wailing]
Could a pair of shoes
falling from the sky

really be part of my destiny?
- Come here, boy!
- Hold it right there!

- Did you steal those shoes?
- Officer, i didn't do anything.

- What's your name, boy?
- I'm stanley.

Stanley yelnats iv.
Stanle y iv: You see, my father,
stanley yelnats iii,

is an inventor,
and for the last few years,

he's been trying to find
a cure... for foot odor.

I'm glad you're here.