[Pants, groans]
Stanle y iv: All my life,
i seemed to be in the wrong
place at the wrong time.

My grandpa,
stanley yelnats ii,

says it's all because
of this 150-year-old curse.

Now, i don't really believe
in the family curse,

but when things go wrong,
it kind of helps if you can
blame it on something.

And for me,
things went wrong a lot.

Oh, jeez! Oh!
Grandpa says
our destiny is sealed.

[Siren wailing]
Could a pair of shoes
falling from the sky

really be part of my destiny?
- Come here, boy!
- Hold it right there!

- Did you steal those shoes?
- Officer, i didn't do anything.

- What's your name, boy?
- I'm stanley.

Stanley yelnats iv.
Stanle y iv: You see, my father,
stanley yelnats iii,

is an inventor,
and for the last few years,

he's been trying to find
a cure... for foot odor.

I'm glad you're here.

This whole floor
smells like stinky feet.

[Door hinges creak]
What did you do to my stanley?
Don't freak out.
It's a bruise.

Can i just say right off
the bat, this is a big mistake.

Don't say nothing
until we talk to our lawyer!

You're gonna be sorry you ever
messed with stanley yelnats!

Let me see that.
Just don't grab it
out of their hands.

Why not?
Because you're gonna
make 'em angry.

- Would you like a piece of cake?
- Excuse me.

- Do we even have any cake?
- How about some coffee?

Now, that is a fine pair
of shoes.

Could i just smell your shoe?
How about if you take
your shoe off, and i'll just...

check the bedroom.
Just a minute!
Where are you going?!

This warrant isn't warranted!
This will never hold up
in court!

Here it is.

We got him.
We share the room.
How do you know
that's not mine?