Hope Springs

You sure you don't mind?
It's just the other morning
I noticed he didn't put any on.

It'd be great if you'd give them to him.
I'll see you, Mandy.
Hi. It's me.
- It's Colin.
- What do you want?

You asked me over.
Are you gonna come in
or are you just gonna stand there?

It's my apartment.
I can stand where I want in my apartment.

I've never seen one of these.
May I sit in it?

- If you have to.
- I suppose the idea is you just

sort of lower yourself?
Don't be an idiot, Colin.
I'm sure you've sat in one of those before.

I've done many disreputable things,
but lying about sitting in butterfly chairs
is lower than even I would go.

Though this is probably
the lowest I've been.

These are for you.
- That's very nice of you. Thank you.
- Don't thank me. Thank Vera.

- You bumped into Vera?
- Yesterday.

She said you needed those cos she said
she saw you without them.

No, that was when she arrived.
I'd been in the shower.

Colin, you've been cheating on me.
And worse, you've been using me.

What has she told you?
- I thought we had something special.
- We do.

But you never mentioned
the things that matter to you.

Do you know how much that hurts me,
to realise how little I mean to you?

It was all just a way for you to take your
mind off what was going on in England.

- And what is going on in England?
- Your father's surgery.