I Witness

No tools, huh? What were
they diggin' with, their hands?

Find out who these people were
and how they got into the tunnel.

Twenty-seven people dead,
Women, children, even a baby,

We'll know more after we get
the coroner's report,

Give me three days and
I'll have Darrow up there.

- I can handle this.
- Can you?

I've just come out of a meeting
with the Department of Justice.

They promised to take
up the matter.

But in the meantime I want
you to be very, very careful,

If there is a drug connection,
the Valdon Cartel will think...

nothing of killing
a human rights investigator.

I need you to focus on the union
election, Now get some sleep,

You're going to need it,
We don't need no fucking mericones
observers here. Huh?

You can find all the
information in your folder,

- Hey, Jim.
- How are you?

Good. We should get started.
Daxmoore employees will be voting
this week to accept...

or reject union representation.
As you can see, emotions for this
election are running very high.

You need to know that this
could get dirty.