I Witness

We don't need no fucking mericones
observers here. Huh?

You can find all the
information in your folder,

- Hey, Jim.
- How are you?

Good. We should get started.
Daxmoore employees will be voting
this week to accept...

or reject union representation.
As you can see, emotions for this
election are running very high.

You need to know that this
could get dirty.

Ah, everyone,
this is Emily Thompson.

She's a trade representative
for the U.S. Commerce Department.

Good morning.
I want to tell you all how pleased
I am that the Mexican government...

has invited American volunteers
to monitor this election.

Daxmoore is a U.S. Company...
and contrary to what union
organizers may assert...

they stand behind these elections
and are remaining neutral.

So please, if any charges
are leveled against them...

- consult me, before...
- Excuse me...

but you have no right to insert
yourself in this body's work.

- I can assure you Mr...
- Rhodes.

Ah, yes.
- I have no intention of interfering.
- Well you just did.

I'm curious why your
organization would...

send someone of your experience
for a simple union election.