I Witness

Ah, everyone,
this is Emily Thompson.

She's a trade representative
for the U.S. Commerce Department.

Good morning.
I want to tell you all how pleased
I am that the Mexican government...

has invited American volunteers
to monitor this election.

Daxmoore is a U.S. Company...
and contrary to what union
organizers may assert...

they stand behind these elections
and are remaining neutral.

So please, if any charges
are leveled against them...

- consult me, before...
- Excuse me...

but you have no right to insert
yourself in this body's work.

- I can assure you Mr...
- Rhodes.

Ah, yes.
- I have no intention of interfering.
- Well you just did.

I'm curious why your
organization would...

send someone of your experience
for a simple union election.

Mr. Fields, document
everything that happens.