I Witness

Any messages?
Lady Anne.
Hello, James.
What are you doing here?
Darrow is in hospital.
He's got malaria.

Anyway, I wanted to see you.

- Are you all right?
- Yes.

- I've been worried about you.
- I'm fine, really.

The Red Cross forwarded your
personal affects from the Sudan.

Thank you.
And this letter is from
the Mexican Minister of Justice.

It's granting you full access
to the investigation.

- You still feel up to this?
- Yes.

You know, James, you've done
wonderful work for the cause.

- Wonderful. But lately...
- I know. L- I know.

You still understand our purpose,
don't you?

Yes. I do.
You know, I'd always hoped
that one day...

you'd come to Washington
and work with me.

It could make a difference,
you know.

With your experience,
and determination...

they'd listen to you.
I'm a field man, Anne. I wouldn't
know what to do in an office.

Well... things change.