I Witness

It's granting you full access
to the investigation.

- You still feel up to this?
- Yes.

You know, James, you've done
wonderful work for the cause.

- Wonderful. But lately...
- I know. L- I know.

You still understand our purpose,
don't you?

Yes. I do.
You know, I'd always hoped
that one day...

you'd come to Washington
and work with me.

It could make a difference,
you know.

With your experience,
and determination...

they'd listen to you.
I'm a field man, Anne. I wouldn't
know what to do in an office.

Well... things change.
Not you again.
Your government's decided to
cooperate and IRW's part of...

the investigation.
Says you're an observer.
This is still my case.

Don't get in my way.
Castillo, what exactly
is your problem?

You people show up screaming
human rights...

and good cops start to lose
their jobs. Not the Jefes upstairs.

It's the little people like me
that get the shit.

Well if this case is clean
you got nothin' to worry about.

- I'm just here to help.
- Oh, like a saint, eh?

You gringos have been slappin' us
down with one hand and pickin' us...

up with the other for so long you
think it's the natural order...

of things. But let me tell you
something. I won't be slapped...

and I won't be patronized,
by some wanna-be hero...

who thinks he can ride
in on peachy white horse...

save us pobre Mexicanos.