I Witness

as the perpetrator
of this savage mass murder,

Police investigators
will now try...

Doesn't he know where he is?
One of these days they're gonna
find his head in a box.

Well he's really brave
or really stupid.

- He's both.
- I thought you didn't like him.

You know he used to work
in the State Department?

- He did?
- He was very good.

Better than me.
- A little less diplomatic.
- Why did he quit?

I don't know. He got angry one day
and he's been angry ever since.

What the hell.
Fingered Valdon for us.

Now if he gets whacked,
Valdon looks even guiltier.

God you can be callous, Douglas.
I'm just honest. Don't mistake
it for insensitivity.

No, thank you. I've...
got a lot of work to do.

- Lost Ms. Thompson?
- I wanted to see...

if you were still alive
after that interview.

- Here I am. Disappointed?
- Look I'm sorry about this morning.

I was out of line. I'm under...
a little pressure...

to make sure
this thing goes smoothly.

L- I wanna start over.
I come bearing an olive branch.

- What's this?
- That's an official letter...

from Daxmoore to its employees.
Anyone caught harassing...

union organizers will be terminated.
They've also agreed to start
an internal investigation...

to find out who assaulted you.