I Witness

- Lost Ms. Thompson?
- I wanted to see...

if you were still alive
after that interview.

- Here I am. Disappointed?
- Look I'm sorry about this morning.

I was out of line. I'm under...
a little pressure...

to make sure
this thing goes smoothly.

L- I wanna start over.
I come bearing an olive branch.

- What's this?
- That's an official letter...

from Daxmoore to its employees.
Anyone caught harassing...

union organizers will be terminated.
They've also agreed to start
an internal investigation...

to find out who assaulted you.
Ah, promises are just words,
Ms. Thompson. Words are just wind.

- You don't get it, do you?
- Sure I do.

You're the one who doesn't get it.
This photo was taken at the riot.

That's the guy who attacked us.
He's the night foreman...

at Daxmoore, his name's Zato.
Daxmoore is pullin'...

the strings on this,
you can count on it.

Mr. Rhodes, Daxmoore cannot
control all of its employees.

They've worked long and hard along
with other American companies to...

build an industrial community here.
Why would they jeopardize that?

Look closer. It's about money.
Everything is about money.

You know, I didn't like you
when we first met.

But there's hope for you.