I Witness

Tell me about the tunnel.
You don't think they're gonna
kill you, huh?

Yeah, well... if they were gonna
kill me I'd be dead already.

Tell me about the tunnel.
The tunnel was shut down two years
ago when the construction...

crew hit a water table.
That's all I can say about it.

That's not enough. Maybe the
campesinos were there to dig...

a new tunnel. There was a cave in,
and the three who survived were...

- shot to keep them quiet.
- You're not even close, Mr. Rhodes.

My client doesn't hire women
or children.

Someone used the abandoned tunnel
for a graveyard - end of story.

Ah, so you want me to take the word
of a piece of shit like Valdon.

Ooh... those boys don't like
the way you talk about their boss.

Well, if they kill me no one else'll
look for another answer...

and they'll hang
those murders on your client.

It wouldn't be the first time.
Bolo, take this maricon
back to his hotel.

Mr. Rhodes,
a word of advice.

If you get too close
to the truth...

the men that did this
are gonna make you dead.

It's flooded.
What are you doin' here?
Your plug is probably fouled, too.
You got a spare?
- Gomez, huh?
- Yeah.

He told me Valdon had nothin'
to do with it. You know what?