I Witness

Bolo, take this maricon
back to his hotel.

Mr. Rhodes,
a word of advice.

If you get too close
to the truth...

the men that did this
are gonna make you dead.

It's flooded.
What are you doin' here?
Your plug is probably fouled, too.
You got a spare?
- Gomez, huh?
- Yeah.

He told me Valdon had nothin'
to do with it. You know what?

I believe him.
All we've really got on him is
that Valdon once owned that tunnel.

They're playin' you, Rhodes.
I got a ballistics report hand
delivered from your buddy, Draper.

The gun used to kill the campesinos
is the same gun used to kill...

two carriers for Valdon.
Who were D.E.A. Informants.
I checked it out.
It's true.

Valdon's a lying murdering fuck.
You think I don't give a shit.

My family were campesinos, just
like those poor bastards that died.

Did they find the men
that attacked you?

Yeah, well they won't.
This isn't just between Daxmoore
and some workers.

This is about politics, amigo.
Government's in bed with
big business.