I Witness

How often do kids disappear
across the border?

It happens, But I've never
had two vanish at once.

What's your angle on this?
Do you know something I should?

Well maybe,
Twenty-seven people were buried
alive in a drug tunnel...

on the same day
the boys went missing.

- It's probably a coincidence.
- Coincidences make me nervous.

How do we get in touch
with the family?

Mr. Carter's in Tijuana.
They just found his son's truck.

- Oh, Mr. Rhodes?
- Yeah?

You have some information
about my son.

Uh, possibly.
I'm investigating the deaths of
twenty-seven Mexican nationals...

- here and Tijuana.
- That's a drug case, isn't it?

Possibly. The boys disappeared
on the same day.

The same general area.
You're trying to link my son's
name to a drug investigation?

No-no-no. Both incidents
are extremely unusual.

They just occurred on the same day.
Maybe there's a connection.

- That's all.
- Look, my son...

has nothing to do with drugs,
Mr. Rhodes.

Good day.
- How ya doin'?
- Good.

Is this your brother's truck?
- Where'd they find it?
- Out by Red Rock.

Is that where
your brother went riding?

That's what they're saying.