I Witness

- Oh, Mr. Rhodes?
- Yeah?

You have some information
about my son.

Uh, possibly.
I'm investigating the deaths of
twenty-seven Mexican nationals...

- here and Tijuana.
- That's a drug case, isn't it?

Possibly. The boys disappeared
on the same day.

The same general area.
You're trying to link my son's
name to a drug investigation?

No-no-no. Both incidents
are extremely unusual.

They just occurred on the same day.
Maybe there's a connection.

- That's all.
- Look, my son...

has nothing to do with drugs,
Mr. Rhodes.

Good day.
- How ya doin'?
- Good.

Is this your brother's truck?
- Where'd they find it?
- Out by Red Rock.

Is that where
your brother went riding?

That's what they're saying.
But, uh, you don't think so.
Everyone knows that spot.
It's full of agro amateurs.

They've been searching out there
and haven't found anything.

Where do you think he went?

Here. Magics. See how it snakes
along those hills?

That's a killer
setup for deep washes.

And you see where it says UFB?
He only has two others like
that on the whole map.

What's UFB stand for?