I Witness

It's a nice watch.
Shirt? You want the shirt off
my back? That's not gonna happen.

I'm not goin' home naked, okay?
You give me the helmet
now or the deal's off.

You drive a hard bargain, gringo.
Fuckin' land shark.
The prints on the helmet match
Huntington Carter's.

We also pulled a bullet
out of it.

- Homicide taking charge?
- Yes.

But something else has come up.
We ran all the prints against
the Federal data base...

and a set matched someone the
D.E.A.'s very interested in.

- Yeah? Who's that?
- Bolo Medina.

No Zato. You think somebody
tipped him off?

The first thing I learned when I
moved down here, Ms. Thompson...

there are no secrets.
Only lies.

I got two missing kids.
For six days. I want this guy.

- Bring him in.
- Thank you.