I Witness

We also pulled a bullet
out of it.

- Homicide taking charge?
- Yes.

But something else has come up.
We ran all the prints against
the Federal data base...

and a set matched someone the
D.E.A.'s very interested in.

- Yeah? Who's that?
- Bolo Medina.

No Zato. You think somebody
tipped him off?

The first thing I learned when I
moved down here, Ms. Thompson...

there are no secrets.
Only lies.

I got two missing kids.
For six days. I want this guy.

- Bring him in.
- Thank you.

So what did you do?
What did you do that makes you feel
so guilty that you gotta put...

yourself through all this?
I mean bein' a cop's a bitch...

but your job... one fucked up
country after another.

It's masochistic, man. You're
tryin' to make up for somethin'.

What is it?
Everywhere you go...

people expect you to sweep away
injustice overnight.

But you can't.
What's that do to you, man?

It makes me a little less impatient
with bureaucrats and cops.

- Other than that, I'm just fine.
- Sure you are.

That's why you got so many friends
beating down your door.

Hey Rhodes,
let's go out and party!

I wanna hear some more
atrocity stories, hombre.