Not a lot to show. Bit of blow on
the terraces, a few coins chucked.

- Are you finished John?
- What about the guy with the hip-flask?

Do us a favour!
Come on, John. It's a team effort.
- John?
- Do you know what we've got to do?

- We've got to got in at The Rock.
- Leave it out!

- The Rock's a minefield for Bill.
- Exactly.

It's a safe house for the top boys.
They won't be in the sweetshop.

- You saw what happened to the others.
- They ain't us.

- What about the landlord?
- We ease ourselves in.

Me and Trev can use our cover.
We're painter-decorators, right?

(JOHN): We'll go there lunch-times at first,
say we're working in the area.

Get our faces known.
What can I do you for?
(JOHN): Get on first-name terms
with the bar staff..

Give them some chat. Have them
Pour our drinks before we've ordered.

Soon it's John and Trev,
the painter-decorators.

"Pint of the usual, love,
and a steak and kidney.

"-A few more chips than yesterday.
- Cheeky so-and-so.

"Another round, lads?"
Once they know us,
we'll pop in early on a Friday night.

Just for a quick one.