It's a bloody shame.
I was looking forward to a good ruck.

Are you sure?
Another large one.
- Alright, Bob?
- Fucking no, we're talking.

Sorry, mate.
I'm sick of setting up meets
only for Old Bill to show.

And me! Bob, I swear on my mother's life
I wouldn't grass anyone.

Shut the fuck up!
- We know it ain't you, Gumbo.
- Some fucker, though, innit?

I thought we'd had off all the Bill here.
- (NIK): They're like maggots.
- I'm sick of this.

Three mates were set up last time.
We'll crucify them in court, though.
Their evidence is bollocks, innit?

Geoff Marshall is getting married one Saturday.
They've got him involved in a knifing in Bristol.
He's got a video of the wedding!
Dave Armstrong was set up for a burglary.
He was in police custody at the time!
All the same,
there's Bill or grass or snouts here.

Our job is to smoke them out and snuff them.
- Fucking rip their faces off!
- Yeah, Bob!

(ALL): # We are Shadwell
The Kennel is our place

#Shadwell never, never, never
shall lose face

# Though you hate us
we couldn't give a toss

#Shadwell always, always, always
are the boss

Alright, boys?
Alright? Alright?
- Who scored the most goals last year?
- It wasn't you, was it?