He's got a video of the wedding!
Dave Armstrong was set up for a burglary.
He was in police custody at the time!
All the same,
there's Bill or grass or snouts here.

Our job is to smoke them out and snuff them.
- Fucking rip their faces off!
- Yeah, Bob!

(ALL): # We are Shadwell
The Kennel is our place

#Shadwell never, never, never
shall lose face

# Though you hate us
we couldn't give a toss

#Shadwell always, always, always
are the boss

Alright, boys?
Alright? Alright?
- Who scored the most goals last year?
- It wasn't you, was it?

Shadwell Army!
- He's got to sort it out.
- We're going down now, aren't we?

(NIK): We need a new striker.
Reckon you're Shadwell? Name
every goalkeeper since World War I.

I can.
Alright, I'll give you something easier.
(TREVOR): What Shadwell player has
the highest number of international caps?

Sorry. Shit-for-brains has had too
Much juice. Won't bother you again.

- What the fuck are you on?
- Alright, Trev?

- Getting a bit boozed up.
- Can't handle his juice.

I'll fucking kill him!