Shadwell Army!
- He's got to sort it out.
- We're going down now, aren't we?

(NIK): We need a new striker.
Reckon you're Shadwell? Name
every goalkeeper since World War I.

I can.
Alright, I'll give you something easier.
(TREVOR): What Shadwell player has
the highest number of international caps?

Sorry. Shit-for-brains has had too
Much juice. Won't bother you again.

- What the fuck are you on?
- Alright, Trev?

- Getting a bit boozed up.
- Can't handle his juice.

I'll fucking kill him!
Yellow card, John!
I was in there. She fancies me,
Lynda. She's always looking over.

Get in the fucking motor
before you do more damage!

- I'm doing my job!
- Well, don't!

You forget who's in charge.
It's me you take orders from.

Bollocks! You're incapable.
Try looking at yourself in a mirror!
You're a fucking hooligan, John!

You don't scare me, John.
You're off the squad, if for no other
reason than your dangerous driving!