It Runs in the Family

What? He should be here.
Stephen! Not yet.
We thank you, oh, Lord our God,
King of the universe,
who created the fruit of the vine.

Only 1927!
Give me a hard boiled...
This is the bread of our affliction.
And this one is the Afikomen.
I will hide the Afikomen,
and don't you cheat.

"Why is it on all other nights
of the year we eat bread or matzo,

but on this night we eat only matzo?"
- Now what?
- I'm sorry, son.

- You have to take this now?
- It's Barney.

This may be an emergency.
My grandson is reading
the four questions!

- Eli, I'm sorry.
- No, it's OK.

Go ahead. Start again.
We're having dinner now.
Ignores his duties at the firm
for years. Now he has to work?

- Mitchell, not now.
- Wait a minute, what did you say?

- You heard me.
- You're talkin' to me about duty?

I know all about duty.
Duty to my family as well as my work!

- What about me?
- Don't start this.

"Why is it on all other nights
we eat either sitting or reclining,

- but on this night we..."
- Where were you?

At least I've made an effort
to be here!

Read it like you mean it!
- "Why is this night..."
- Hey, everybody.

You got here before Elijah did.
- Hey, little man.
- Good to see you, son.

- Good to see you too, Dad.
- Glad you could make it.

You wanna find out if anybody else
would like the last piece?

Would anybody like
this last piece of brisket?