Just Married

He said,
"The TV´s in the bar."

He also said that
if he were here with me...

he wouldn´t be
concerned with TV.

He makes a point.
Oh, I gotta call Mom and Dad.
Talk about
killin´ the romance.

I told ´em I´d call.
It´ll just take a minute.

Hi, Mom. It´s Peewee.
Oh, say hi
to Pussyfor me.

Tom says hello.
Yeah. Oh, it´s so great.
"To Tom and Sarah.
Enhance thy honeymoon.
Love, Kyle."

I´ll call you later,
Mom. Bye.

Cheese and rice.
Is that a ThunderstickA-200?

And since when did you
become the expert?

I told you about that night
I had in college.

You didn´t tell me
about the hardware.

Getting a visual?
We gotta charge
this thing.

Ha ha.
Mmm. That plug won´t fit
in a European outlet.

I´ll make it fit.
Come on.
Honey, don´t force it.
- Honey.
Are you okay?
Are you okay?

Holy dear Jesus.
Good thing
that didn´t happen...

when we were
using it.

Oh, God.
Come on!
Come on, Thunderstick!

Oh, no! Okay,
just let it go.