La Finestra di fronte

Remember, they
get out of school at two today.

- What time do you start?
- At seven, like always.

- Haven't they changed the shifts?
- Sure they have.

It's just that they gave me
the night shift again.

- You always get cheated.
- I was the last guy hired.

I have to hurry now,
I hate doing things in a rush!

He's in there.
He's going, today.
I'll take care of it.
Don't worry, I promise.
What's wrong?
- Have you seen Chen Suilan?
- Why?

- Have you seen her?
- Sure, don't you see her too?

- That's not her.
- What's the difference?

- What happened to Chen Siulan?
- She works two jobs,

her sister replaces her
and she has no working papers.

The bosses know this trick of using
the same name for relatives who come.

- It doesn't work anymore!
- What are you, an SS officer?

- They asked me to investigate.
- You tell them it's not your job.

You do the accounting.
What does that mean?

- You count people?
- How can I say no to them?

With your mouth!