Laisse tes mains sur mes hanches

Antonio goes back home at 8 p.m, and has a dinner, then coaxes children to sleep
and watches TV! oh, my god...
you know?
I have to serve all the people to eat

many many times
I wish you were unmarried

I don't talk about you
Nathalie, of course

although it is the same thing,
he has never been here, Jean Paolo

but she got beautiful rings
Michealle, you've been put into trouble

he want us to get married
he act as a cowboy
and I act as a dew pearl

you know, an Indian girl...
the girlfriend of black eagle

there is a association nearby
you will wear it
come on
come on, my brown hair

hear the sound of the sea
"the sea"
"hear the sound of the sea"

"the sea"
yes, "the sea"

have you got some desserts?
smell like caramel
what did you prepare for us?

caramel? no, they're candles

shit! they smell like caramel
there is already some cheese, so I didn't buy anyone
what's happened?
you seem unhappy tonight?
I'm ok...