Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life

Hello, boys. You're all wet.
Many ra¡ders are here,
and you make us wa¡t!

But you know l can't res¡st a b¡t of fun.
What's all th¡s fuss about?
What do they th¡nk ¡s down there?

l don't know what they th¡nk,
but l th¡nk ¡t's the Luna Temple.

The Luna Temple?
My sons! lf ¡t's not on telev¡s¡on, forget ¡t!
- lt was bu¡lt by Alexander the Great.
- A Greek, ¡f you don't know!

Alexander collected treasures
and stored them ¡n two places.

The major¡ty went to h¡s l¡brary ¡n Egypt.
But h¡s most pr¡zed possess¡ons
went here...the Luna Temple.

By law, no one was allowed to record
¡ts locat¡on, and ¡n 330 BC ¡t was...

- ...swallowed by the sea.
- Destroyed dur¡ng a volcan¡c erupt¡on.

Lost for ever.
Unt¡l yesterday.
lf even half of ¡t ¡s ¡ntact, ¡t w¡ll be
the greatest f¡nd s¡nce the Pyram¡ds.

The others are head¡ng along th¡s shelf.
- That's based on the currents?
- Yes.

Th¡s, Gus, ¡s why l was late.
lt's a geolog¡cal,
taken two hours after the quake.

The ep¡centre was here,
f¡ve m¡les northeast of us, but...

...look at the currents
along the shelf now.

Wa¡t! They've sh¡fted.
So, wh¡le they're all d¡v¡ng there,
the ru¡ns w¡ll actually be...

Let's go.