Le Divorce

[In French]
You can't understand
a word he says.

- So, what is he saying?
- Abortion. He's against it.

He's against abortion?
It's all based on some
very profound fascist philosophy.

- It's also a lot of crap.
- Hey, l wanna watch it.

Isabel, give it to me.
Come on. Isabel. All right.

Give it to me.
Ah, yes, sugar, please.
Oh.! Original.
We do have a cousin who uses
grains of sugar instead of cubes.

It has happened to other women.
Yhey will all tell you,
"Go with life as it unrolls."

Maybe it will be a boy.
- Yes, a boy.
- A son and heir.

l can't believe this.
l'm in a novel by Balzac.

l'm not sure if l wanna bring
a child into a broken home.

You don't want to act hastily
in such an important matter.

l'll get some more hot water.
Please reflect on this, Roxeanne.
- Roxeanne is not herself.
- How can she be?

This is very, very unfortunate.
So good of you, Isabel,
to have come to be with her.

And l hear that you've
already found employment.

Yes, l'm working with Olivia Pace,
the American writer.

l really must get something ofhers.
Who was she?
Was she German? Flemish?
Saint Ursula was the patron saint of all
young girls, whatever their nationality.