Liegen lernen

Sometimes, when I'm driving or
walking, I see a man in a corner.

He's just standing there, looking.
When he notices he's being observed,
he becomes embarrassed.

On bus stops you can also see
ordinary people...

just standing there, looking.
What are they thinking about?
What are they looking for?

The past, maybe?
On September 26, 1998,
I observed one of these men.

But this time It was different.
That man was me.

It was my last moment
as someone afraid to commit.

That was when I got rid of
the curse and I finally grew up.

In the mid Eighties, I shared with
my second girlfriend my first flat.

When she asked me...
- Do you love me?

I answered...
I do.
But I wasn't sure.
Later, when my future
fiancée asked...

Where were you on
November 9, 1989?

I answered...
I was near the Berlin Wall!
But It wasn't true.
That night, I was in bed with
a woman, watching a video.

He feels as if his muscles are
relaxed and goes limp again.