Liegen lernen

What are they thinking about?
What are they looking for?

The past, maybe?
On September 26, 1998,
I observed one of these men.

But this time It was different.
That man was me.

It was my last moment
as someone afraid to commit.

That was when I got rid of
the curse and I finally grew up.

In the mid Eighties, I shared with
my second girlfriend my first flat.

When she asked me...
- Do you love me?

I answered...
I do.
But I wasn't sure.
Later, when my future
fiancée asked...

Where were you on
November 9, 1989?

I answered...
I was near the Berlin Wall!
But It wasn't true.
That night, I was in bed with
a woman, watching a video.

He feels as if his muscles are
relaxed and goes limp again.

Sometimes life was nice;
other times, it was shitty.

A pile of shit indeed.
Somewhere along the line,
I learned how to play.

I learned to fuck, to love and
to lie. It was like that for years.

But now I had turned 30,
and It was time.

Either I have this baby
or it's over.

- You can't be serious.
- I am!

I loved her. I didn't want any other.
I had no reason to run away.

I even wanted to have a child.
Why was I running away?
I didn't know why.