Liegen lernen

I became a parking clerk.
They didn't pay me a lot,
but It was easy.

I spent the whole day sitting
in the booth, not doing much.

I began to study in earnest
out of pure boredom.

With Gisela, everything was fine.
I liked to look at her and
I liked It when she'd stroke me.

We didn't fight and, most of
the time, we had the same opinion.

In bed, she was
different from Britta.

She didn't mind
trying new things...

but she didn't have
any ideas of her own.

However, Gisela had definite
ideas about other things.

I'm looking forward
to our first Christmas together.

On the 24th,
we're gonna visit your parents.

Then we'll introduce you to mine
and we'll have dinner with them.

On the 25th, we're gonna
visit my aunt Annie.

She's dying to meet you.
On the 26th, we'll go to the nursing
home to see my uncle Zikowicz.

He's not my real uncle.
He's a friend of my grandpa's
who used to take care of me.

And the afternoon of the 26th
is all ours, just to ourselves.

But we're gonna have
to prepare some things.

I've invited a few people
over for dinner.

You can bring someone too.
Maybe that guy Beck.

Do you guys really skin corpses?
We skin them
so we can see the muscles.

Each one of us is assigned
a different body part.

Last time, I got a penis.
Must've been interesting.
I'd like to work for
the District Attorney.

My God.
Who are those revolting people?
Friends of Gisela's.
Let's hide in here.